(Sep 26th 2011)

We  all know ":these two bothers"  in our families, at work, who talk, talk and play up to the boss but  does nothing. Also the problem there are "two brothers" in me too,  For me Good Friend, life is not Black and White,
i often say yes but don't act on it.The parable is not about will power, and keeping New Year resolutions, it is about
Integrity, that do what I say and say what i do .I love the integrity if the first son who said No , he wanted to be his own  man, maybehe was  too tierd,or the clash of father and son in the farmyard

For many people, life is a Struggle, ie second relationships, addictions, countless  people living in all sorts of conflict situations, essentially  struggling with God  and their own questions. I pray for the courage to risk  being honest with myself and with God .  In a  word, being a Christian today = STRUGGLE

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