Coming Events at The Oratory

October 4th :: Feast of St Francis of Assisi with the Blessing of Animals, Yellow Entrance – 3.30

October 16th :: Blanchardtown Centre – 22nd Birthday

October 21st :: Mission Sunday – ‘Christian Families are Mission Families’

November 1st :: All Saints Mass @ 1pm & 4.30pm

November 1st to November 30th :: Mass Times during November Mon – Fri at 1pm & 4.30pm - Mass for our Dead

November 2nd :: Remembering our Dead – 1.00pm & 4.30pm

December 2nd :: 1st Sunday of Advent

December 8th :: Immaculate Conception of Our Lady, Mass @ 1pm & 4.00pm

December 10th to December 23rd :: Rite 2 Forgiveness after 4.30pm daily Mass.

December 24th :: Christmas Eve, Mass @ 4.30pm

December 25th to December 28th :: Oratory closed… Happy Christmas to you and your loved ones.

December 29th :: Saturday Mass @ 4.00pm

January 1st :: World Day of Peace

January 2nd :: Mass @ 4.30pm

January 6th :: Mass at 4.00pm - Epiphany of the Lord