Communications Sunday…

(Jun 4th 2011)

We live ina digital age, iPhones, twitter, facebook, email disital projectorsetc  How did we manage with out the mobile phone ?

We  have great  opportunities today to form relationships  and net work with our family and freinds all over the world.This year  the theme is ;

Truth, the Proclamation and Authentic Life  in the Digital age.

Pope Benedict  is  very positive towards  modern media, indeed  I myself had  first  class evidence of power of emails recently in our D 15 Hospice Project., and may I thank all who expressed their good will  and voted for me so  many days

Also  there is a challenge  and an opportunity  as we use the emerging technology of the New Millenium.......the speed  of change. the almost limitless power  of Digital Information Age, which calls  on us to respect  boundaries and the truth. 

We all have a uniquely human spiritual  yearning  which inspires our quest for truth  and communication  with integrity and honesty in a community of Civilisation  and of Love  for all ;

Prayer  of St Theresa....Christ has  no hands,feet, or eyes  to do good  but yours...

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