(Nov 1st 2011)

A little boy was  visiting a  big cathedral .  The little boy was facinated   by the stained-glass windows  with all kinds of people shining in painted styles. He asked  "what are the bringt people in the windowns?" Dad said "They are  the people that  let the light shine through them"They are the saints, the little boy asked What are the saints ? while Dad was fishing for an answer, the little boy said "I know what saints are " They are  the people that let the light shine through them."

The light that shines  through the saints is called kindness and sharing and caring  .This kind of ligh shine through every day  when we care for family, prepare meals, do the work ,think of a neighbour .pray for a  friend. The best  light  is not  the one we throw into  the sky that makes a bang or a colour..  A  better light  is  a gift to the poor , a thought that calms a fear.

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